About Me

I have been sewing for as long as I can remember. Inspired by two incredible grandmothers who I used to watch and learn from. One of my grandmothers trained as a tailor in Hastings. I remember her telling me how may weeks she had to practice hand worked buttonholes before she was allowed to make them on a suit for a customer.

I began sewing professionally at the age of 16. I started working for a national dry cleaners – covering holidays, and working on garments that were too difficult to alter/repair in the shops.  And before long I was working as a seamstress full time from home. I still do work for the same company, as well as a very well known online suit company. And I have many private clients who come back time and time again.

I take great pride in every job I do. The best compliment I get time and time again is when a client tells me that you would never know the item of clothing has been altered.

I have a large selection of machines and accessories to ensure that the correct and original finish can be achieved.


Qualifications – I have an A grade in O level sewing, I completed a year course in tailoring techniques in Bexhill College and have completed a Corset Making course at the University of Wimbledon.


Experience – I have worked for a national drycleaner since 1992. Here I would also cover the  holidays and sickness of in house tailors. I also trained new tailoring staff in branch. I would often find myself doing work the in house tailors were unable to do, and also put right things that were not done to standard. Due to the varying work load, I have a huge knowledge of alterations and repairs for every type of garment and fabric available. I have successfully built on this knowledge to run my own business with a large repeat client base.