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Evening, Bridesmaid and Prom dresses

Ensure your dress fits perfectly on your big day. Maybe your 'Made to Measure' internet purchase isn't what they promised. Don't panic. It may just need a few simple adjustments. From shortening the length, to adjusting the bust, waist and hips - I can make sure you look perfect!! You may require more than one fitting, so please allow extra time - although an express service is still offered - subject to availability .


Has your favourite sweater suddenly developed a hole, or did you accidentally catch your new jacket and rip it. I can patch, neat darn by hand, machine darn and hide damage, so don't despair or throw your garment away till you've asked me for advice.

Suit Alterations

Are those trousers a little too wide, or a bit snug on the waist? Maybe the sleeves on your jacket are just that bit too long, or the shoulders too wide. I can get that suit fitting like it was made to measure - without the made to measure prices!!! Whether it's a Prada or a Primark jacket - if the sleeves are too long, it just isn't a good look. Alterations will be done to a high standard - corners mitred as original, interfacing replaced, trouser tape replaced or added and buttonholes remade if requested. 

Zip Replacement

Don't throw away those favourite jeans. I can put in a quality replacement. It is so important when replacing zips in jeans that the correct topstitching thread is used. I have a huge selection of 'jeans' threads in many shades. Using the correct thread, and accurate topstitching is a must. You shouldn't be able to tell that the zip has been replaced!!!!!

School Uniform

On average, families with school age children spend £316 a year on items for a child at a state secondary and £251 annually for a child at a state primary school (information taken from The Independent Feb 2015). With that in mind, I will keep the cost of altering their clothes to a minimum, and I will reduce the cost further with multiple items. The most frequent request is to shorten blazer sleeves, where often they fit perfectly in the body, but  the arms are far too long!! Oh, and not forgetting the length of girls skirts - but please bear in mind your child's school may have a rule on not having them too short!